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Where to travel on holiday in 2012



Klimt's Vienna

Devotees of the dazzling, sensuous forms depicted by Gustav Klimt should make a pilgrimage to Vienna to join celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of an artist who was a founding father of the radically modernist Viennese Secessionist Movement. The Austrian capital – which at the time Klimt was painting was the centre of a vast empire – is the permanent home to the largest collection of Klimt's works in the world, including The Kiss and the Beethoven Frieze. Over the coming 12 months, a host of galleries and museums will be staging special exhibitions highlighting paintings and drawings not usually on display.


Apocalypse now in Mexico

Scholars disagree over the significance of December 21 2012, a date inscribed by Mayan astronomers at a site in southern Mexico 1,000 years ago. Some say it simply marks the end of a cycle of time in the Mayan calendar, others that it's associated with predictions of apocalypse. Either way, it will encourage exploration of Mayan ruins throughout Central America.



Zambia safari

Zambia's national parks have a fraction of the visitor traffic of the more popular East African safari areas. Best for game viewing is the lovely South Luangwa National Park, where many guides are trained to lead small groups on walking safaris – an exciting way to see both game and landscape. Sanctuary Retreats has some of the country's best guides, and its newest camp, Zebra Plains, is set by a river in a remote region of the park. From £2,665 per person, including three nights in a luxury tent at Zebra Plains and two at Sanctuary's Chichele Presidential Lodge (also in the park), international and internal flights, transfers, all meals, drinks and guided walks and drives, booked through Carrier

There are some useful books about countries that you can visit if you want to know more about. Come to the library!

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