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How to start reading

Extensive Reading program is not only that you come to sit and relax and try to read any book with no purpose. It encourages you to improve your reading skills in a second language. The last articles we published here were: how the collection is organized and some rules that you have to keep in mind.

If you have not seen them yet we recommend you to check them. Now we have this guide that surely will help you to choose the perfect book for you.

Now that you are in the right way. If you want to have a more enjoyable experience, it is important that you follow these strategies when you start reading.

This information is taken fom: On JALT2000: Toward the New Millenium.

The Japan Association for Language Teaching, 2000

Pre-reading Stage

  • Relax and get comfortable.
  • Use positive self-talk to build confidence and encouragement.
  • Predict what will happen.
  • Make questions to you want answered in the section you will read.
  • Create clear mental images of characters and setting.
  • Imagine that you are one of the characters in the story and take on her/his thoughts and feelings.
  • Mental review of what was read before (when continuing a book.)

During Reading Stage

  • Guess when you don't know for sure.
  • Use a Speed Card to focus attention and foster speed.
  • Use Chunking: marking digestible chunks of words to improve reading in thought groups instead of word by word.
  • Visualize the story as it happens.
  • Assign voices to the characters and hear them clearly when they speak.

After Reading Stage

  • Share your reaction to the section read with someone--in L1 (Level 1: 300 headwords) or L2 (Level 2: 600 headwords).
  • Summarize, or retell in L1 or L2.
  • Write down new characters and their relationships to others if it is getting complicated to remember.
  • Listen to a tape or a fluent speaker read a familiar section while following along at the same speed.

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