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New friends!

He is a third-grade student, he has two sisters one of them sings princess songs all the time, it’s really annoying. Zeke has secret, he is terrified of bugs! But he is more terrified of his enemy, Grace Chang, she has the longest and dangerous fingernail you have ever seen.

About his family

Mom: She thinks boys are messy, find trouble, and they are obsessed with video games. She likes that Zeke always teaches her something new, she is proud of him.

Dad: He is a soldier and sometimes he is often away on secret missions, so Zeke is usually the man of the house.

 Alexa: She is the older sister, she wants that Zeke will be a cool kid but he doesn’t listen to her.


Mia: She is the little sister, she likes singing all the time, Zeke sometimes is meant to her but he really loves her.

Waggles: He is the family dog, he drools everywhere.


Kylie Jean is a second grade student; she wants to be the queen of everything, she lives in Texas with her parents, two brothers and a dog (he thinks is a real person). Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is cookies and of course like a queen she loves wearing a tiara.

 Her friends are:

Cara: She is one of her best friends. She is really good at basketball.

Lucy: She is her best cousin. They are in the same class at school. She is shy, but she is a really good friend.

Susie: She is another friend from school. She rides the same bus as she.

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