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Titanic 100th Anniversary

The titanic was able to carry more than 3.000 people, but there were only 2.207 people on the ship for its first trip.

First class: 322 passengers

Second class: 275 passengers

Third class: 712 passengers

Crew: 898 people

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The different classes didn't mix on the ship. They slept, lived, and ate on different decks. Of course, the first class passengers were on the higher decks. The second-class passengers were in the middle. Then came the third-class passengers, at the bottom.

First Class

The White Star Line called the Titanic "the Queen of the Ocean." For first-class passengers, life on the Titanic was as comfortable as life in the most expensive hotels in Europe and America. There were hundreds of servants to look after them. Their private rooms were large and comfortable. They could enjoy a swimming pool, a library, Turkish baths, and excellent restaurants and bars. Some of the richest people in the world were on the ship. In fact, American John Jacob Astor IV was possibly the richest of all. In 1912 he had $87 million. (That is more than $1,500,000,000 today.)

Bruce Ismay, the president of the White Star Line and Thomas Andrews, the ship's builder, were also on the Titanic.

Second Class

Life for the passengers in second class was comfortable, too. In fact, second class on the Titanic was as nice as first-class travel on many other ships. These passengers also had a library and a few bars. They, too, could walk around on an open deck and enjoy views of the ocean.

Third Class

More than half of the passengers were in third class. Of course, life on these decks wasn't as comfortable. Bur the rooms were clean and bright. More than 100 of the third-class passengers were from Ireland. The others came from many different countries in Europe. Most of them had the same dream. They were leaving their problems in their own countries. For them, the United States of America was the promise of a new life.



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