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The Magic School Bus


The easiest way to learn science.  A peculiar teacher Ms Valerie Frizzle, and her class learn interesting science facts; they are on board of a magic bus which can be transformed into whatever they need. They can go from inside the human body to be part of a beehive. The adventure never ends when you travel to the most impossible locations.

But The Magic School Bus it’s not only books it’s also a TV show, maybe some of you have watched it but if you missed it, don’t worry on Netflix you can do it or if you don’t have an account also in YouTube there are some of the most popular episodes.

The Class

Is more than likely they are in the third grade and every student brings a particular point of view would you like to know more about them, here their names:

Tim, Arnold, Ralphie, Dorothy Ann, Wanda, Phoebe, John, Carmen, Gregory, Amanda-Jane, Florrie, Shirley, Michael, Phil, Molly, Rachel, Alex, Carlos, Keesha and Phoebe.




What are some of Ms. Frizzle's famous sayings?

"Take chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!"

"Go on a field trip!"

"Never say never!"


"Come on bus, do your stuff!"

"Let’s take a closer look."

"As I always say...To find a frog, be a frog."

"If you keep an open mind, you never know who might walk in!"

"Let’s get out there and explore!"


How does The Magic School Bus fly?
Usually The Magic School Bus is an ordinary, rather beat-up school bus. But once it "transforms" on a field trip, it can change into anything that will serve Ms. Frizzle's purposes. The Bus has become a spaceship, a submarine, a blimp, something small, green and surprisingly frog-like, a weather machine, and more. When you're on the Bus with the Friz, you never know what's going to happen next!




Who is Liz and where does she live?
Liz is a lizard. A lizard unlike any other, to say the least! In the wild, lizards live in all types of different environments including deserts, rainforests, and mountains. Liz spends most of her time in the classroom helping Ms. Frizzle with her unpredictable bus adventures!

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