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Geronimo Stilton


Geronimo Stilton and friends

Who is Geronimo Stilton?

He is a journalist; he is the editor of New Mouse City's newspaper, The Rodent's Gazette. He loves writing at home comfortably, listen classical music, and collect antique, 18th century cheese rinds; he hates travelling by boat, car or plane because he gets sick, however his sister Thea and his cousin Trap and his favorite nephew Benjamin, take him to the most craziest adventures around the world, this is the inspiration for his books, stories full of interesting facts, maps and enjoyable illustrations.

They were originally published in Italy and have been translated into 35 languages.

Family and friends




Thea Stilton

Geronimo’s sister, she is adventurous and determined, she is a special report of The Rodent's Gazette and she is an expert driving any kind of vehicle.


Tramp Stilton

Geronimo’s cousin. He is mocking and daring. He likes making jokes especially to Geronimo but he is very friendly, his favorite hobby is cooking a spicy sauce that makes you curl all your hair.


Benjamin Stilton

He is the Geronimo’s nephew. He is brave and kind, when he grows up he wants to be a journalist just like his uncle.


Geronimo Stilton series


 Thea Stilton series


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