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New graphic novels

This year we selected new graphic novels, full of interesting stories and magnificent artwork.

The Lunar Chronicles

The princesses of fairy tales are not weak at all in these books. Meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, like you've never imagined before, in a future in which they don't have to wait to be saved by a Prince Charming.

The Shiver Trilogy

Werewolves stories are so popular right now that you can't miss to read this fantastic trilogy.

What's new?

Want to know what new books arrived at the library, check the list.

Shakespeare in comics!

William Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers the world has ever known. Read his most famous plays in comic format.

Fairy tales news

Do you know what really happened at the end of the fairy tales. Did they live happily ever after? Find the answer reading these of books.

Book fair at San Bartolo

Our book fair ‘San Bartolo Lee’ is coming and we have an exceptional guest, Comics, so to be in tune we have a special selection of new arrivals of this gender.

New books!!

So many books... and magazines and so little time! Here's what's new at the Extensive Reading Room.

The Hunger Games

One of the most succesful trilogies are here! Come and read them all.

Big Nate

If you enjoy The Diary of Wimpy Kid you will love the adventures of Big Nate.


Every superhero needs a superfriend in this case a Super Pet. Get to know these funny characters.


Magic Adventures

Abracadabra! Hocus, Pocus!! Magic is here. Read these new books.


Come and read terrific stories in comic format and enjoy incredibles adventures.


Popular classics

What is a classic? Go back and read the most famous stories ever created.



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