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Mystery, art, crime stories at the library


Usborne Farm Magnet Book: young children will have fun moving the magnetic pieces around the pages of this book as they help feed the animals, collect the eggs and drive the big, red tractor on Apple Tree Farm. There are over 20 magnetic pieces.

My very first art book:

  • A fantastic book filled with famous works of art accompanied by simple art activities using some of the same techniques as the artists.

  • Activities include salt dough sculptures, printed flowers and finger-paint fish, alongside art by Rembrandt, Rousseau, Kandinsky, Matisse and Picasso.

True crime series:Bursting with facts, these books will truly enthrall struggling readers. Nonfiction titles cover high-interest topics both creepy and utterly terrifying. Each title is thoroughly researched and includes an introduction, five chapters, an epilogue, glossary, and index. On-the-scene photography captures students’ imagination and spurs further reading. These are books that struggling readers will not put down!

Walker High Mystery Series: engages struggling students with this ten gripping, easy-to-read, 48-page books. Young adults will relate to the topics of friendship, sports, romance, exams, work and family, all with a twist of mystery. Each book has short chapters and engaging photos.

Heinemann InfoSearch series: Books for grades 3-5 are designed to show the intermediate researcher the components of a thoroughly investigated topic.  Each chapter begins with a question, then leads the student through the information he or she needs to formulate answers.  The lively design and presentation of information on each page help the reader to easily access key information.

Kingfisher Knowledge series: One of the most versatile series available for 4th–8th-grade classrooms. With an unbeatable combination of compelling nonfiction topics, authoritative information, and stunning graphics your students will love.

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