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Baby’s very first bedtime book

Delightful first books with high-contrast illustrations and simple words such as 'roar' and 'hiss' to help develop a baby's language skills.

Life skills

Do you need to improve your study skills or learn to manage your money? Do you want to be a great babysitter or a competent cook? Life Skills is here to help! Packed with expert advice, valuable tips, real-life case studies, and quizzes, this series will encourage the development of a wide range of practical and personal skills to help you succeed in the adult world.

An Usborne flap book


See inside science

- Fabulous flap book that demonstrates basic scientific ideas in a simple and engaging way.

- Each double page shows key ideas from a different branch of science, including astronomy, ecology, chemistry and physics.

- Reveals the secrets of how our world works and provides children with a strong foundation in science.

- With over 50 embedded flaps to lift.

See under the Sea

- A fabulous flap book with over 80 flaps to lift and extra pages to open up to explore life under the sea.

- Shows coral reefs teeming with fish, the icy waters of the Arctic and the dizzying depths of ocean trenches, and shipwrecks and pirate booty too.

- Flaps reveal extra facts, information and surprises.

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