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Magic Adventures

New guests come to the library: Jack, his sister Bella and a mysterious girl Olivia take us to the magic land where everything is different from our world. Friendship and camaraderie is what they teach us. Join them as they have exciting adventures in school, faraway lands, and around the world.

Magic Adventures will prove that reading is fun.


{#emotions_dlg.cool}This series has three levels (200, 400, and 600 headwords) each level consists of 6 books.

{#emotions_dlg.smile}Each book has an Audio CD which includes the theme song, the story, listen and repeat track, key word expressions and activities to do at home.

{#emotions_dlg.surprised}Activities such as crosswords, match words and more.

{#emotions_dlg.tongue_out}Useful expressions and new words.

{#emotions_dlg.laughing}Vivid illustrations of the characters and their expressions; the format is a comic which makes them easy to read

Level 1: Jack's World

Level 2: Magic Land

Level 3:Dark's Hearts

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