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A new book collection arrived to the library. Learn more about Super-pets.

Ace the Bat-Hound

Owner: Batman

Superpowers: Street smarts, speed, amazing sense of justice (and smell), loyalty, and he has a belt of amazing crime-fighting gadgets, just like his partner Batman

Favorite Food: Crime Fighter Crunchies

Beepo the Super-monkey

Owner: Superman

Superpowers: Flight, super-speed, super-hearing, super-breath, X-ray vision

Favorite Food: Chocolate-covered bananas


Owner: “No one owns me. I’m not a pet!”

Team: Green Lanterns, an intergalactic law enforcement squad

Superpowers: Possesses a green power ring, given to him by the Guardians of Oa. Anything he can imagine, can be created by the ring (but only for good).

Favorite Food: ch’ps & salsa


Owner: Supergirl

Superpowers: Flight, super-strength, super-speed, super-hearing, super-smell

Favorite Food: Oatmeal cookies, sugar cubes


Owner: Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins

Superpowers: Super smarts, high-jumping, a long tail that can stretch and grab objects, although he can’t speak, Gleek can understand when others speak to him

Favorite Food: Blue space bananas


Owner: Wonder Woman

Superpowers: Speed-hopping, and a powerful tail

Favorite Food: Jumping beans


Owner: Superman

Superpowers: Flight, super-speed, super-hearing, super-smell, super-strength, X-ray vision, heat vision

Favorite Food: Ka-pow chow


Owner: Supergirl

Superpowers: Super-hearing, super-smell, X-ray and heat vision, flight, and super-speed

Favorite Food: Mice and sushi


Owner: Aquaman

Superpowers: Can communicate with Aquaman and other sea creatures with his mind, super-fast and intelligent

Favorite Food: Shrimp and seaweed


Owner: The Flash

Superpowers: Super-speed, a super-strong shell to hide in and use for defense, and patience

Favorite Food: Turtle sundaes

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About the author:

Art Baltazar

Check this out! Art is a super-cartoonist machine from the heart of Chicago!

He's all about the peace, love, and joy. He defines cartoons and comics not only as an artstyle, but as a way of life. Art started his funky secret art studio in 1994 with the his self-published comic book ..."The Cray-Baby Adventures". Since then, he created other comics such as "Captain Camel & the Space Chicken", "Lunar Lizard", "Meteor Mite" and the famous, "Patrick the Wolf Boy".

Art has also had a few jobs with Warner Bros. and had a monthly comic strip in Disney Adventures Magazine called "GORILLA GORILLA"!

Currently, Art is the creative force behind The New York Times Best Selling Eisner Award Winning DC Comics' TINY TITANS and Co-Writer for Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM! Art is living the dream! He draws comics and never has to leave the house! He lives with his lovely wife, Rose, big boy Sonny, little boy Gordon, and little girl Audrey! Right On!

Visit his web page{#emotions_dlg.laughing}

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