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Boom!!! Crash!! Pirates stole everything. Did you know who they are?

Pirates were robbers who roamed the seas and stole from other ships. Their origins have existed since the oceans were used to trade. The golden age of pirates was three hundred years ago, thousands of pirates sailed the seas. They prefer the busy waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Reasons to become a pirate

  • Some thought that it would be an adventurous life.
  • Lots of men thought they would be able to steal precious treasures
  • Other men knew that it wasn´t as busy as normal sailor’s life. Pirates spent more time enjoying themselves.

The pirate code

  • Pirates had to keep their weapons clean and ready for action.
  • Every pirate had to fight bravely in times of battle.
  • The pirates were not allowed to fight each other on board ship.
  • Pirated settled their arguments by having a duel on land.


A pirate who didn´t obey the code was punished with not food on a desert island. If he couldn´t find food, he would die.

Famous pirates

Bartholomew Roberts was the most successful pirate. He captured more than 400 prizes before the Navy caught him.

Edward Low was one of the cruellest pirate captains of Golden Age. He tortured the captains of the ships he attacked.

The most famous pirate was Blackbeard; his real name was Edward Teach.

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